October goals check-in


Wow, y’all. I am terrible at keeping up with this. Ok so.

  • Knit from my stash. I bought three skeins of sock yarn while I was in Colorado, and all of them are rainbow-colors. Yessss. rainbow socks.

I got two skeins of Mini Mochi in the creatively named Color 105:

Mini Mochi Color 105. Image courtesy Knit Witts.


And one skein of Viking of Norway Nordlys in Color 949:

Nordlys 949. Also the ONLY time I will put Papyrus on this site. Image courtesy Torgstenen.


Aaaaand I also got a skein at the local shop. But but but they’re sort of struggling! And I wanted to support their new colors and yarns!

Done Roving Yarns brand Frolicking Feet. Anenome Windflower colorway. Image courtesy Angelika’s Yarn Store.

And with that, I’m officially cut off from buying more yarn. Sads.

  • Knit a sweater. Noooot gonna happen. But that’s ok!
  • Crochet a bedspread. Same here.
  • Make 10 projects. Not so much with the follow through. We still stand at one finished project, with 87 projects in progress.

1/10 = 10%

16/25 = 64%. Progress! But can I finish nine more by the end of the year? Better find some short ones to read. At Home is so, so good: charming and witty and delightfully gossip-y. The Psychopath Test is none of those things, sadly.

  • Do one thing each month that will simplify my life. I got cloth napkins, and really like them! They’re super-cute. Chris loooves the pink!
    Napkins! Cloth napkins from whimsiedots on Etsy.


    I am totally exercising my Amazon Prime, too. I’m getting Kind bars delivered (they’re like Larabars, but actually tasty.), as well as deodorant, kitty litter and conditioner. I really like not having to remember this stuff or lug kitty litter around.

  • List my 3/3/3 daily. Mostly just been listing things I’m thankful for, but there ain’t nothing wrong with expressing gratitude.
  • Lose 40 lbs. Yeah, yeah. I’ve had two people ask me this week if I want to be accountabilibuddies for workouts. Seems like a sign? 🙂
  • Drink more water. I’ve been having more soda in the last week or so, and I’m not drinking as much water. I lost my Fitbit, and I blame that. Fitbit is awesome and sent me a (free!) replacement, so I expect this (and my steps!) to pick up.
  • Stop drinking soda. Mmm soda.
  • Connect with people more. I’ve been hanging out with Atlanta Emily and Janelle a good bit, and I have co-workers I actually like. So weird. I’ve also Skyped with Chicago Emily and Jessica (WHO MOVED TO FREAKING CHINA), and that’s nice.

Aaaaand I’ve actually been able to IM with a certain Stephanie more. Hooray! Stars everywhere!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hooray for IMing with Stephanie! Even though it’s all about T-shirts. And yay! for a replacement Fitbit.

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