September: Goals progress

Oh, glorious September. I spent the beginning part of the month in Ohio with family and attending a friend’s wedding — and seeing a friend who came back from her Peace Corps stint in Africa married and pregnant. Although I didn’t make it to the Hancock County Fair, it was still mostly great times.

I also re-entered the working world in a different career path. My company laid me off and then promptly rehired me in another role. I’m not loving it, but it could get better. We’ll see.

Make clothes.
$350.92 / $500


I spent $62.50 in September. Two $10 dresses from Target, a pair of sweatpants, a pair of jeans and three skirts from Goodwill at home. Yup. The same Goodwill I visited ALL THE DAMN TIME in HS. These skirts are very “in” except for length. They’re probably from the 1960s and someone was cleaning out the closet of someone who died. Black, green, bright pink. I shortened the black one already and have worn it four times.

I busted a pair of the jeans I’d made skinny. I’m really angry.

Lose 10 13 pounds: I have no idea what I weigh, but it’s probably around the 145/146 range. I’m less jiggly, though, so I’ll take it. I worked out 25 of 30 days in September. I’m training for a 5k and I went from no running in August to running 2 miles most mornings in September. I ran 3.2 miles on a treadmill one day in Ohio, but running’s really hard on my body (mostly because I’m precariously aligned since the accident in February). The race is Oct. 21, and I’m just looking to finish and have fun. I want to build up more distance, so I’ll probably continue to run after the race is over.

Read 75 books.



Did I read any books in September? I don’t remember…. I’ll loop around on this one in October.

Make two new recipes each month: Nope.

Stockpile food. (and Use my pantry.): Nope

Complete five (big) home projects.


Holding fast at 20%.

Garden: It’s still hot in LA, so I don’t consider it fall yet.

Crochet five projects: Still no crochet projects.

Teach Josh to cook: Still suspended.

Do one thing each month that will simplify my life: Keep a plastic cup at work. It’s easy to fill, so it reminds me to drink more water in a way a waterbottle doesn’t.

Social commitments: I went over while in Ohio, but otherwise, good.

I caught Oscar Wilde, the domestic bunny that was loose in my neighborhood. It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. I set the trap, went to Walmart to see if I could buy a cage (nope) and the trap had sprung. He’s pretty sweet. Not at all bitey or aggressive or any of the things I feared. Just a pretty scared bunny that’s readjusting to the domestic life.

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