Polish on my ears

Tasha showed me the tutorial for these polish earrings. These aren’t all of the ones I made, but it’s a nice sampling.

I have a lot of nail polish from the old job, so this was a nice outlet. Now, I have LOTS of earrings. (However, I have to make another pair of the lower bottom left. A friend of mine was over and asked if she could have them.)

Like Tasha, I have a few recommendations if you’re going to try this yourselves:

  • For earrings that you want to be really glittery, paint 3-4 coats of glitter. Then back it with a solid color (I used black) just to fill in the small cracks.
  • Paint your crackle or shatter colors on in one sweep.
  • Allow more drying time than you think you’ll need. And after your final count, let it dry for HOURS. I messed a few pairs up by trying to glue them to the backs too early.
  • If you mess up, don’t despair! It’s just nail polish. Remove the mistake with polish removal.

I just tried nail polish on bobby pins, too from something I saw on Pinterest, so look for that coming soon.

Here’s a closeup of the shatter/crackle ones:

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