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Months ago, I pinned this to my boards on Pinterest:

via lil blue boo


Looks like a typical olive oil dispenser bottle, yes? Except I kept looking places — the grocery store, Target, JoAnn’s, Michaels — and I couldn’t find one. Annoying! I was just going to buy the bottle top (labeled as a shot pourer or some such) at Target, but it was $10. $10! I remembered that there was an old oil dispenser in a cabinet from when we moved in. (Yeah, I know it’s two years ago and I should have thrown it out already, but… it’s gross. I didn’t want to touch it.)

I refused to clean the bottle out, but the top, sure. I just opted to pop it on a wine bottle I’d been saving to cut with string and nail polish remover. I just left the label on for now, but it’ll fall off:


It’s appreciated by all, too. Josh came and found me about an hour after I did it and said it was a brilliant idea and he loves it. He even offered to remove the label.

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  1. Tasha says:

    Very nice! I love projects that just resolve themselves.

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