Cleanin’ out my closet

I don’t know what possessed me, but on Saturday, I started sorting my closet.

This was perplexing for a couple of reasons: 1. Josh and I were planning to go to the grocery store any minute. 2. I had plans with friends and had to leave around 5:30.

I think I just needed to dive in. Before we went to Puerto Rico, Josh told me that I was reaching critical mass on my closet. I see his point. I’m taking up 3/4 of our walk-in closet, plus half of a closet in another room AND I had two under-the-bed boxes of clothes in another room. Whew. Buying fewer clothes this year doesn’t automatically mean that I want to own fewer clothes, but it’s always nice to trim some fat.

This is what I had last night:


The box is clothes/accessories to try to sell at my local Crossroads Trading Co. The bag is what’s going to Salvation Army. I’m not really “done,” though. There are still a lot of drawers for me to go through. I need to get rid of a lot more stuff, and I’m just not ready to part with sweaters until I’ve gone through another season with them. I need to sort more shoes, and I need to take a critical eye to my second closet. But, for now, I’ve at least got enough hangers to hang all my clothes again.

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  1. Tasha says:

    Yay for getting rid of stuff! I love that feeling of being lighter.

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