June: Goals progress

The year’s half over? How’d that happen?

Complete five (big) home projects.


I decided that the base I’d made for my mirror wasn’t working. It wasn’t clean and streamlined enough. So, instead, I decided to go the minimalist way: Mirror clips. I think most mirror clips are ugly, but I found ones I liked on Amazon that fit into our design aesthetic, and there we go.

Garden: On hold until fall.

Read 75 books.

19 / 75


I’m now 17 books behind. Does it count that I’m about halfway through four books right now? Maybe I’ll make some progress on vacation. Oddly, I started listening to a book on CD in June called The Family Tree. When I went to enter it onto Goodreads (currently reading), turns out I read it in 2009. I don’t remember it at all. It’s also not that great of a book.

Lose 10 13 pounds: In May, I weighed 148 (actually a bit more, and I rounded the fraction of a pound down. Cause I can). I ended May at 145.6. Goal weight is 135. As of the end of June, I’m at 142.6. I’ve been elliptically pretty much every day for the past month. I hate it and love it. Love it because I’m making progress. But it’s just so boring. I watch TV to pass the time. Josh told me I needed to work harder or stop complaining. I get to keep complaining. 7.6 pounds to go!

Crochet five projects: My friend moves to NY at the end of July, so if I want to make her a hat, I need to get on it.

Make two new recipes each month: I’m mostly just eating salads, fruits, veggies and veggie burgers, so I have nothing new to report on this front.

Teach Josh to cook: Still suspended. Josh is also in weight-loss mode, so he’s doing his own thing.

Stockpile food. (and Use my pantry.): No stockpiling this month. However, we’re getting close to the end of our burritos, so I’ll have to do more of those soon. And depending on Josh’s food choices next month, I might make a batch of meat ones for him.

Make clothes.
$207.91 / $500


I bought no clothes in June. None. Not one item. However, I did tailor three pairs of jeans to be skinny jeans, including one pair that I picked up at a clothing swap. Also snagged at the clothing swap? A khaki trench coat, a black ruffled dress (I actually owned the exact same style in purple), two sweater-type dresses and a pair of hiking-type capri/ankle pants.

I also made a maxi dress for our trip to Puerto Rico at the beginning of July. A simple one.

Josh and I had a talk a few days ago that I’m reaching critical mass on clothing, whether buying it OR making it. After we get back from PR, I have to weed out my closet. I’m feeling reluctant… I spent money on those clothes, what if I want them later, etc. I have been known to almost get rid of things and then keep them and start wearing them later. But, Josh IS right. I’m planning on trying to sell what I can to resale stores and donating the rest where I can. I also think it might be time to sell my wedding dress on Ebay and maybe some of the gowns from my last job. When am I going to wear ball gowns again?

Do one thing each month that will simplify my life: Organization is the name of the game in June. We’re streamlining our workout equipment. We’re getting rid of our rowing machine. And we bought a mid-width weight bench. I organized the room so there’s space for everything and everything’s in its place.

Social commitments: I’ve really whittled them down… some people have just fallen off the radar (is it wrong to be excited about that?) and I’ve been concentrating on working out a lot, so my outings have been really limited! Plus, yoga got suspended for the summer. So no bug bites and no weekly commitment.

Weight loss seems to be my big goal right now… I’m hoping to hit my goal by the end of summer!

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