Window boxes

In addition to the garden, I also planted the window boxes again this year.

There’s one coleus plant, along with some vinca:

And marigolds:

Chris voiced his concerns that the squirrels would dig in the boxes, but I waved him away. I should have listened. I’ve woken up to scenes like this several mornings:

Note the gnawed flower bud. I’m not sure how many times I can replant these poor guys. I’ve tried cayenne, which didn’t work, and coffee grounds, which seemed to work for only a couple days. What should I try next? Should I give them “their” pecans back?

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  1. sibboe says:

    Does the squirrel like only the one plant? If so, don’t plant that one again. 🙂 I’m sure it’s not as simple as that. haha Does eucalyptus keep squirrels away? We opted for a scary owl, but it needs to move. I could bring you a trunk full of black walnuts. Keep those pecans for you.

    The marigold bud is gorgeous. I had no idea I could like them again. They remind me of the early years at the green house on the hill. The horses ate those! Must be tasty. {shrug}

  2. Tasha says:

    No, the squirrels hate all the plants. They’re not burying food, they’re just digging to be jerks. I really like the marigold buds! I didn’t plan to get them because I’ve never been a huge fan, but that’s what was available at the store. I like that they look like little rolls of felt.

    That photo was taken with my phone, btw! Isn’t that crazy?

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