May goals check-in

It’s June already?! Weird. Here we go.
  • Knit from my stash. I haven’t knit in so long. My wrist still hurts after blanketpalooza, tbh — I’m getting old! (I have seen pictures of the blanket draped over the baby’s crib already, though, which pleases me to no end.) I do have a ton of projects I want to start, but I’m trying to make myself finish the things I already have going on. Clearly this isn’t working out, as I apparently just decide not to knit/crochet at all.
  • Knit a sweater. See above.
  • Crochet a bedspread. Still at 10 hexagons, but I just ordered the rest of the yarn from Knitpicks. I didn’t want to spend the money, but some of the yarn colors I needed are discontinued, and I need to snatch them up before they’re gone. The good news is that most of the other colors I ordered were also on sale. Hopefully I got enough!
  • Make 10 projects. We stand at one finished project. I did start cutting stencils for another art project, so there’s some progress in this realm.

1/10 = 10%

10/25 = 40%

After writing this far, I was wondering what it is that I did do in May. Here’s where it gets better.

  • Do one thing each month that will simplify my life. Lots of progress here:
    • We put Chris’ desk up in the bedroom, and because it’s out of my line of sight from the living room, it gives a feeling of a little more space, which we dearly need. And the desk is huge, so there’s lots of room for projects. We rearranged and condensed some other things, so it doesn’t feel too cluttered in the bedroom.
Oh look, more flat space for me to pile things on.
    • We also put up shelving for Chris’ clothes (I know. The poor guy has been dresser-less for more than a year.) This means that his clothes have a home! That isn’t the floor of the closet! Or a clothes basket in the middle of my bedroom! Hooray!
    • I set up a timer for Facebook. I found myself flipping to it by reflex when I was bored, and really? It doesn’t add much to my life. There are of course things I hear about — and want to hear about — that I wouldn’t otherwise, but for the most part, fb just makes me roll my eyes. The timer blocks the page after my alotted time, and although I can just look at fb on my phone, I find that the block jars me into realizing that I’m wasting time online, which is a good thing for me.
    • I finished putting up all that damned window film, even on the 30 panes of the French doors to the balcony. Overall, I like it, and the film doesn’t really restrict the view, which I was a little worried about. You can see the effect on the second and third rows of this door:

The film has gotten a little clearer and less blue as it’s cured. There are tiny bubbles because of the weird glass and I might have trapped a few bugs, but you don’t really notice them unless you’re looking. And because I am the nerd, I did the math just to see if it really did take as much effort as it seemed: I cut 3,252 linear inches of film. Y’all, that’s 271 feet.

  • List my 3/3/3 daily. Yup yup. Prayers have been a little brief, but I’m mostly focusing on being thankful. That seems pretty all right to me.
  • Lose 40 lbs. I’ve started working out pretty consistently (17 of 31 days), and I’m doing well with drinking water. HOWEVER. I am up three pounds? I do. not. know. I’m calling it muscle gain. My arms are looking more toned, though!

**EDIT**: I took the first measurement a few days ago and just used that number for this post, which I wrote yesterday. I weighed myself  today, and I’m down seven pounds from them. What. How in the world did I vary by seven pounds in a week?

  • Drink more water. I’m cutting down on the fruit punch to test if I have a sensitivity to it. About four days in, it seems to upset my stomach. Overall, I drank my goal of 8 cups of water on 19 days in April, and got pretty close (6+ cups) on 5 other days. Not bad!

**FURTHER EDIT**: You don’t think it’s the fruit punch that’s the cause of the 7 lb variance, do you?

  • Stop drinking soda. I’m gonna guess I had 8 or so. Granted, some were ginormous fountain sodas, but some were half of a 20-oz. bottle, so it works out.
  • Connect with people more. I sent cards (with, y’know, actual handwritten messages) and had Skype dates, so I feel good about this.

I’ve also been playing lots of phone games with folks, and that’s kind of nice. Mom would’ve argued against the idea that this is a connection (and did) at Christmas, but now we’re playing Draw Something together. What do you think, Mom?

I was feeling kinda meh about this month, and I could definitely stand to spend more time on projects, but in the end, I didn’t do too bad! Half a star.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    I wouldn’t think fruit punch would cause that much of a variance…. weird. Maybe time of day, where you are in your cycle or extra water weight? Toned is good, though! And that film was such a huge project, but hopefully it helps on the cooling bills this summer.

  2. Karen Ibarra says:

    Oh give yourself the WHOLE star!!

    1. Yes, sounds like you should cut out the fruit punch.

    2. I LIKE the film. The view actually looks clearer to me.

    3. Perhaps to fulfill the simplifying goal, you should skip/rewrite the quilt and crocheting goals. 🙂

    4. and yes Draw Something is fun! Reading your blogs actually feels more like “connecting” to me because I get to hear you and what you are thinking/doing. But I still miss you.

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