Worst seeds ever

When I dug up the garden, I found the strangest collection of things. There was not only glass


but pottery:

A golf ball:

A fork (oddly clean):

A huge nail:

Aaaaand a car part:

There was also a car thermostat and a checkers piece, but M the downstairs neighbor whisked those away from me before I could take a picture. He takes care of the yard, and was basically picking up after me. I couldn’t imagine trying to explain a blog to him, so I just let them go.

After last year’s garden, we also knew that there were a lot of marbles:

But M said there were  a lot of marbles in his garden, too — all the way at the front of the house. I can only conclude that I live on the site of the strangest burial mound ever. See why I have to wear gloves?

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