Butterfly nails


Having been looking for a job for, oh, nine months (How has it been that long?!), I’ve had a lot of time to play around with things I enjoy, but haven’t been able to get into because I either didn’t have the time or the energy for after work.

One of the things I’ve really started to enjoy is nail art. I blame Steph’s previous job — she’s the one who told me such things exist! As someone who has a hard time even painting a single color nicely, I wasn’t sure what I’d end up with when I sat down yesterday to create a butterfly manicure.

I think it turned out pretty ok!

I started out with a gradient made with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow and Sun Kissed with Revlon Craving Coral. I used the orange as a base coat, then used a piece of a makeup sponge painted with a stripe of each of the colors to create the gradient.

The gradient was actually kind of hard to apply evenly across my nails, because they’re so curved.

I ended up with paint everywhere, and had to spend a lot of time cleaning up with acetone. I tried putting Vaseline around my cuticles before painting so the polish would come off more easily, but it didn’t really help.

I used a nail art brush and Sinful Colors Black on Black for the detail, and a dotting tool and Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the dots. I then topped everything off with Poshe topcoat.

Some of the lines are wonky — turns out, it’s hard to paint evenly on a curved surface, especially with your non-dominant hand! But if you don’t look too closely, it looks pretty nice. I’m impressed with myself, anyway.

The other day, I told a grad school friend about my newfound nail art obsession. He was horrified that I admitted to being so girly, but I think of it as just another creative outlet. To me, it’s basically miniature artwork. I even like the short-lived nature of nail art; I don’t have to worry about it being perfect when I know it’s only going to be around for a few days or maybe a week.

I mean, what’s not to like about this?

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