April’s blanket in April


I finished the baby blanket Jen commissioned! And it’s even in the mail! I KNOW!

I was wayyy too tired when I started this project, and i knew it. Turns out, this causes some problems.

First, I found out that I had only four colors to use, rather than the five called for in the pattern. This turned out to be  fine — I decided to substitute their “pink row” with whatever I thought looked good at that point. But I also started with the wrong color — I wrote down my substitutions in the order I wanted them, but then I picked up the wrong yarn anyway. And then I proceeded to screw up the foundation chain about three times. I had to rip it out and start over in a few days when I could stand to look at it again.

Then my sister told me that -surprise!- the baby shower was at the end of April, and not the end of May as I’d thought. So I blocked off last weekend and committed to finishing the blanket.

Giant soda and trashy TV make crafts happen.

It took about 15 hours and a giant Diet Coke, but I finished it. That said, the blankie went very quickly with worsted yarn, and the pattern was easy to memorize. It became a slog about 5” from the end, but watching crappy TV on Hulu helped.

I had originally thought I would crochet a border around it, but after looking again at others’ completed versions on Ravelry, I found that I really liked those without the borders. This meant that I had to weave in allllll those ends from the color changes. If I’d changed my mind to go without a border beforehand, I’d have woven in the ends as I went, and made the color changes a bit more neatly.

That is so many ends. So many.

Like I said earlier, I went with four colors instead of five, because that’s what I had on hand. I used worsted-weight yarn, rather than the fingering weight yarn called for, held double. I used an H hook for some colors, and an I for others, due to slight differences in the weight of the yarn.

I did follow the color scheme, but I added a row of each color — so instead of three rows of color A, I’d make four. Doing this cut down on the color changes while preserving the color pattern.

I really think I went the right way with my yarn choices. I have no idea why you’d use alpaca; all it would take is one toss into a dryer by a sleep-deprived parent you’d end up with a Barbie blanket!

I’m pretty proud of this one. I almost want to make a queen-size version for my bed, but my wrist is crying at the thought of it!



I knocked off one of my 10 projects for the year, which is awesome, especially considering that this is a big project. I also used three skeins of yarn completely, and I’m pretty close on two others. Hooray! Those yarns have been in my stash since I first started crocheting in college.

But using yarn also means I free up space for new ones. I got a skein of Cascade Heritage Sock in Tangerine. I technically bought this one before I used up the others, but I’d walked three miles to pet yarn, so I wasn’t leaving without it!

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