Curling iron to curling wand

I love the tutorials I’ve been seeing online for making waves with a curling wand. Like this one. Basically, you wrap your hair around the outside and make waves. This fantastic tutorial at Dear Emmie uses a regular curling iron but you just don’t use the clamp. I tried it that way, but I found the clamp just got in my way.

What’s a girl to do?

I have this curling iron:

It’s a 3/4″ barrel that heats up in 30 seconds and shuts itself off (no burning down the house if you forget to hit the off button). But what I noticed when looking close is that the clamp is attached with three Phillips-head screws. Four minutes later, and that puppy was off.


I tested it out with a few quick wraps before I went to a lunch with some former coworkers:


I’m pretty pleased with the results. I have to practice a bit more, but it also looked better in person than it photographed. Much better use for a curling iron I didn’t use.

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