Cheering up my mom?

My mom needs a bit of a lift, and I’d like to make her something that she’d like or put together a care package of some sort.

The economy’s been tough for my parents. My dad’s been out of work for the better part of the past three years (he worked for the census bureau for awhile), and it’s hard on their marriage. My mom feels overwhelmed by being the wage earner, plus feels like she’s going to have to work until she’s dead and never have financial security. I’m trying to be the positive voice and empower her to change her circumstances–partly by looking for a new, higher-paying teaching position. (Any idea if there’s a job board for that?)

I’d like to send her a little pick-me-up.* I was thinking perhaps some sewing supplies because that’s a luxury she can’t really afford? Maybe a bundle of fat quarters, a gift card to get more fabric and notions, maybe some dried strawberries? Any ideas what a 58-year-old woman who’s depressed would like?
*this means I DEFINITELY need to get better at mailing things.

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  1. Tasha says:

    I think you’re definitely onto something with the fat quarters, etc. for quilting. Maybe a basket of nice stuff she can’t get in NW Ohio? Like the strawberries and various Trader Joe-esque deliciousness? I dunno what they like, but stuff like cashew butter, nice chocolate, green bean “chips,” etc. are fun. Of course, this means you’d have to go to the Post Office. TJ’s should totally set up in-store shipping.

    Personally, I find gift cards both good and bad. Bad because you know the exact dollar amount, which is weird, and sometimes it’s too much; good because you have no choice but to blow it on something nice for yourself, and not the electric bill. (Though I wonder if you could take over one of their bills? Newspaper subscription? Internet access? That’s what my relatives do when Gramma doesn’t want more stuff.)

    I think my favorite aspect of gift giving is the whole “This is too nice!” “Tough! Here’s a basket of awesomeness so you *have to relax and enjoy it.*”

    1. Stephanie says:

      I don’t love gift cards myself, but my mom does. Cause it’s guilt-free spending that she has to do wherever the card’s from. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll poke around Trader Joe’s for yummies. The problem with my mother is that she’s inherently practical and set in her ways. Plus, she’s not a big snacker. But maybe some of TJ’s goods like quinoa and masala sauce. Sigh on the post office. FOR REAL. But I need to go anyway, so there’s that.

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