Updated project list

One of my goals for this year is to complete five big home projects. I haven’t done one yet and it’s almost the end of the first quarter. Sigh.

But, I was keeping a list of projects I wanted to complete. (Started last year.) I thought it might be worth a gander at where I’m at on the list. (The original post is here.)

1. The table.  This really solid table went from a maple-like color to white to a nice cheery cherry. It sucked TONS of my time last year, sanding and listening to the Avett Brothers. Well spent. View it completed here.

2. The hallway. I opted to paint a damask print to our entry hallway. I bought the stencil on Etsy before we ever moved in March 2010. I was laid off, I found a new job, I started other projects and this one didn’t take off. I’ve done two panels.

3. The chair. Tasha and I are in the middle of deciding on a color for this chair. However, the back and forth convos have led up to think that perhaps the coffee table would be better in a blue color so the chair can be green. So, back to the garage with the table and on to the fabric store for vinyl for this chair.

4. The roman shades. Most of the windows in our house have custom blinds. That’s great and all, except some of them don’t. We taped wrapping paper on a window in the master bedroom on our first night in the house. It’s still there. It’s been two years.

5. The yard. This is an ongoing mess. I hired someone last year to weed and cut back everything and replant grass. But he didn’t do it to my standards (the grass part… though I wasn’t really satisfied with the rest, either). The front yard’s fine, but the back yard is under construction.

6. The mirror. I’m done with this and so happy!

7. The mushroom wall. I completed this grouping and moved on to plotting the rest of my hallway.

8. The pressed flowers. Opposite my mushroom wall, I plan to have other nature-theme photos and items. One element is pressed flowers. I pressed some last year, but I need to put them in their frames. I also want to press some roses.

9. The dresses. Oh, the dresses. I bought a dress in December 2010 with a great shape. After discussion with Tasha, I set my heart on dip dyeing it RIT Dark Teal. Then I bought two other dresses, with the hope of dyeing them other beautiful colors. Must. do. this. It’s easy to dye dresses and I already have the supplies.

10. The side tables. After reading a post on Design*Sponge, I decided I MUST have these tables. I’m having a hard time finding logs for this, but admittedly, I’m not trying that hard. I’ve definitely been concentrating on other stuff.

11. The homemade dress. I started making a dress six months ago more than a year ago. It’s actually an easy pattern (1 hour it says! yeah, sure. for masters.), but I lost momentum when I realized my sewing machine needed serviced.Now, I’ve actually bought a new sewing machine. So why haven’t I finished? I’m not the same size I was when I started (remember that goal to lose –now–12 pounds?). I really should just finish this off, though. Either something to look forward to or to give to a friend.

So, reviewing the list makes me feel like I’ve definitely got some progress to make. I think my problem is that I’m thinking about these projects as a “do it all at one time” thing. But, realistically, I could paint a stencil pattern panel each night and be finished in a couple of weeks. Or, cut my fabric for roman shades one night, pin them together one night and sew each of them a different day.

I probably also have a problem with thinking I can do it all.

It’ll be done eventually. And I need to stop guilting myself about it in the meantime.

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  1. Tasha says:

    I think you’re being too hard on yourself! Remember how this was all supposed to be fun? Maybe break each item down into smaller points and carry only that particular list around? That way, you won’t get overwhelmed by the gigantic list, and you get to check off lots of little things from your individual lists!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I promise, even if it sounds like I’m being hard on myself, I’m not. I really do believe thinking I can do it all is a problem. And I’m working on it. I can’t, and that’s totally OK. I still feel a little guilt about not doing it all, but I’m conditioning myself away from that too. Every time I start to feel bad, I look around my house at all the tasks I have accomplished: curtains for my family room, that dining room table, a decorated FR, happy cats, an organized kitchen, cleanness (most of the time). Plus, who’s even expecting me to do it all? Me. Only over-achiever-for-life me. As long as I’m not disappointing other people, I’m fine.

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