What color should I be?

So, I have this chair:

I picked up this chair in front of a neighbor’s house… (I made my friend carry it the block and a half to my house. She insisted on wearing gloves. I can’t blame her.) I’m envisioning painting the legs black, but I can’t decide what color the chair should be. I want to re-cover it in a textured vinyl. It’s going to go in this room:




I’m thinking of putting it where the ironing board is in the top picture. It’s by a fireplace. The tufted chair with cat scratch damage also is a chair that needs recovered. I’m thinking some sort of velour/microfiber-type fabric for that one. But it needs a color too.

Possibilities for the first chair: goldenrod yellow, slate blue?

I don’t really want either chair to be in the tan/brown family because the loveseat is gray. And because the coffee table is green, that color family is also out. And…. go!

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  1. Karen Ibarra says:

    hmm.. Here are my thoughts…
    if you keep the walls dark brown. (are they dark brown?):
    Using the pale yellow shades elsewhere in the room is good. I would use the chairs in the dining room as the whimsy to the plan and use your other accessories (including one piece of LR furniture) to brighten up the room. Perhaps you could use a color from the pattern in the DR chairs for the new chair. Use the DR chairs as your palette, unless those shades are also neutral.

    Since predominantly you have dark brown, you need a light color (your pale yellow) and then another color that pops/adds interest. A green table /could/ be that pop, but this shade of green seems to fight in the room.

    Is the couch gray or pale green? I need a close-up of the chair pattern and a closer/lit pic of the sofa. It would be helpful to see the real color of the wall, too.
    If the rug is purple? *I* would pick that color in a brighter or deeper shade for the chair. Slate blue could also work if the coffee table was not green.

    Perhaps a pretty wine-hued purple with a slate blue table would work.

    And the legs of the new chair should be brown to fit better with the rest of the room and the color in your table (which is gorgeous, btw).

  2. Stephanie says:

    The walls are more of a wine-hued purple, as you would say…. a darker version of the rug, really. (Of course, rugs can change, so I’m happy to go and get a different one if you think it’s too much of the same color family.) The couch is gray.

    Tasha and I were talking yesterday that the coffee table might be better off the slate blue (see? great minds all still think alike!) and having maybe one chair green and one chair yellow/gold. I was thinking the brown chair (the one by the tree) could be the green one with a color picked up from the DR chairs, and the tufted one in the LR could be a rich, yellow velvet or velour. Yes/no/maybe so? Also, why is decorating so harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd, Mama K?

    I’m afraid of color. It’s from my mom and her all Navajo white house.

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