The handstand

Well, I said that I wanted to do a handstand by the time I was 30. That was my goal.

I gotta admit, I’m not quite there. I’m a bit afraid of it. But I’ve been steadily improving and getting stronger (it takes a lot of upper-body strength to hold up your weight and lots of core strength to balance). I might have made it if I hadn’t caused horrible damage to my spine a couple of weeks before my birthday.*

Here’s a pic of where I’m at. I tend to lightly touch the wall when I get up and I can’t hold the pose for more than about 10 seconds:








*I’m being dramatic. I was in a four-car accident on the freeway and the body doesn’t heal as quickly at 30 as it did a decade ago when I was last in an accident.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tasha says:

    Check out that handstand awesomeness! (And yeah, you’re being just a teeeensy bit dramatic. 😀 )

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