Month 2: Goals progress

Complete five (big) home projects.

0 / 5

My indecision is still holding me up. Mustard yellow? White? A slate blue? Help me. I’ll post pictures.


In February, I killed the grass in my backyard to begin to make way for my veggie beds. I started seeds and… yep. March will be my month for this. And then, way too much produce (hopefully). I sowed 16 tomato plants and 40 pepper plants. Don’t worry. Not all of them will grow.

Read 75 books.

7 / 75 (9%)

According to Goodreads, I’m 4 books, or 6% behind. Hey, Goodreads, thanks for being a nag. I’ve been listening to books on CD in the car and reading at home, but I’m still not as into reading as normal. I’m sure I’ll pick up my pace.

Lose 10 12 pounds.

0 / 12

I am terrible at this one. I apparently have no self motivation. I gained and lost the same 2-3 pounds at LEAST twice in February. (I stopped weighing myself for awhile because I was so disgusted with myself.) Ultimately, I end the month having gained. Now, I need to lose 12 pounds instead of 10. I realized I have to make a greater commitment to tracking what I’m eating and devote myself to my elliptical.

Highlights of the month: A 10-mile hike to the Bridge to Nowhere. Lowlights of the month: Eating 2,855 calories on Valentine’s Day. (A cupcake, doughnut and box — yup, the whole thing — of chocolates got me there.) Add in an inactive weekend/week of recovering from a four-car crash at the 101/405 interchange (ranked No. 1 of the U.S.’s worst bottlenecks) and here we are. Tough love from the hubby, too: “You’re barely changing anything, so why should you be losing weight?”

Crochet five projects.

0 / 5

Failure to launch. Sigh.

Make two new recipes each month.

4 / 24 (16.67%)

I made Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas from Budget Bytes, which Tasha got me hooked on. Josh and I each ate a quesadilla, same the next day and then I froze the rest to be dinner/snack/lunch another day. I also made lasagna roll-ups (mostly following this recipe).

Teach Josh to cook.

Nothing in February. It’s been a rough month.

Stockpile food. (and Use my pantry.)

Quesadillas, check. I also noticed a box of lasagna noodles in my pantry, so I used them for the lasagna rollups, which went straight to the freezer. On lasagna rollup day, I also had quite the productive stockpile day. I bought pizza crust from Trader Joe’s and cooked them — into the freezer. Minestrone soup (with the whole wheat rotini, pearl barley and lentils that are definitely more than a year old) — into the freezer. I also made 12 breakfast sandwiches for Josh and I for breakfast during the week.

I want to make my own version of Near East Toasted Pine Nut Couscous during March, make freezer burritos, put down some chili and split pea soup, make some meatless meatballs and do some bread doughs. I also have 12 more english muffins for more breakfast sandwiches.

Make clothes.

$57.63 / $500 (11.5%)

Man, not buying clothes is hard. I spent $30.63 on clothes during the month of February. I bought a pair of hiking pants at REI (marked down from $63). Even though I used my REI dividends to pay for said pants, I have to draw the lines of this goal somewhere, and they count. I also bought a cute two-tone dress from Forever 21 to wear for my birthday. I’m still undecided if I’m keeping it, though.

What doesn’t count? Things I can’t make myself — not including sweaters. So basically: tights, shoes and underwear are fair game. (I HAVE bought tights. I have not bought shoes.) Tasha and I also discussed that if I bought an item of clothing that required special undergarments, those undergarments would count toward the total. If I end up in a wedding this year (not likely), the bridesmaid dress would not count.

Do one thing each month that will simplify my life.

1 / 1

This month, I put scrapbook paper on the outside of a tin can to keep on the counter and put pens in. Because I can never find a pen to save my life.

Composting: It’s going really well, and it’s all because of Josh. He’s the one who’s actually dumping the stuff in the bin. I’ve tried to be a bit more involved as the month’s gone on.

Social commitments: still down to two, tops, each week. Less after the car accident because I am tired, kinda achey and not feeling up to yoga.

Sending birthday cards: my niece and FIL got theirs! I can’t say I’m responsible for that, though.

Organize my clothes: Still (sorta) organized. They’re not all crazy like they were, and I’m counting that as a win.

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