Finally, the makeup board post!

This blog post about how to make a magnetic makeup board has been all over Pinterest, and in my efforts to declutter my “vanity” (aka my desk with a mirror above it), I decided that I must have one.

First, I went to the thrift store a block away and snagged a frame. It was ugly, but that didn’t matter because I was going to spray paint it anyway.

And — surprise! — it was 50% off:

That’s right, $2.26. I popped out the old print and spray painted the frame the same blue that I used for my desk.

While it dried, Chris and I went down the street to the local hardware store in search of a piece of metal and some heavy magnets. The guy at the store recommended cutting a sheet of tin to size, and even tore open a pair of heavy-duty tin snips for us to use so we could cut it down to size there. I asked Chris to cut it for me since I don’t like to do stuff with people breathing over my shoulder, and Hardware Store Guy wasn’t going anywhere.

Out of nowhere, Hardware Store Guy started talking to Chris instead of me about the project, even though I’d been the one to ask him for help, and Chris had no idea about what I was planning to do. HSG then mocked my measuring ability and said something to Chris along the lines of, “Oh, she’ll just change her mind in a little while anyway. You know how women are.” I considered threatening HSG with the tin snips, but then I’d probably be banned from my usually fantastic hardware store, and dammit, I buy my tomato plants there.

Once we got the tin cut and got home, I discovered that it was a bit wonky. Being my father’s daughter, I set to work with adjusting the frame:

However, the frame wasn’t actually wood.

So I had to go back to the hardware store and buy my own tin snips to trim the piece of metal. HSG was nowhere around, thankfully. I came home, and while wearing gloves, very carefully squared up my tin. Finally, it fit.

I broke open my pack of magnets (I got some like these, but the linked ones are a much better deal that the ones I got), and set to work using super glue to adhere them to the back of my makeup. I set everything up and stood back to admire my work.

And then it crashed to the floor — the frame wasn’t strong enough to hold everything. I don’t know about you, but when a project doesn’t work out, I get SO frustrated. Refusing to admit defeat, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a wide wooden frame, and this time, the tin fit.

Steph gave me this cute ceramic owl hanger, and I decided to use it to hang my hair dryer.

I have a few larger palettes that I haven’t hung because they’re either too bulky or are covered in material that I can’t glue a magnet to. I’ve still cleared up a lot of space, and I’m thinking about adding a shelf for things like my bottles of perfume and my makeup that comes in pumps. I’m also toying with the idea of using cup hooks on the sides and bottoms to hang jewelry, but so far I like the clean look.

What I learned:

1. Don’t buy a crappy frame because you’re being cheap. The board, when completed, will be holding a good amount of weight. Make sure your frame is up to the task. Hobby Lobby always has 40% off coupons, and you can usually find a sale or coupon for Michael’s, etc.
2. Buy a frame with a ledge on the back so that the sheet of tin has a place to rest, and make sure there are clips or a backing so that it can be solidly secured in place.
3. Bring a magnet with you to to test the metal you get (you could just snag a strip of magnets at the store, like I did, since I needed to buy them anyway). And make sure you measure the size you need before you go to the store.
4. Buy large, heavy magnets — you need them to be able to withstand some weight (my foundation jar in particular is heavy).
5. Get heavy-duty tin snips, because you’re probably going to need to make adjustments once you’re home. Mine are  Ace brand, but they’re really sturdy. I’m glad to have them now, but I wasn’t thrilled to have to run back to the hardware store to get them.
6. If the hardware store person is dismissive of you, threaten him/her with your newly acquired tin snips if you think you won’t get kicked out before you can pay for everything.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    So PRETTY! I love the metal with white look, and I love the use of the owl!

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