Passing the smell test

I recently invested a few bucks in essential oils from the Fragrance Oil shop on Etsy. I wanted to use them for freshening up rooms, adding a nice scent to the laundry detergent I made, and making sugar scrubs. I ended up getting four different scents (French lavender, brown sugar fig, vanilla and lemon verbena), and find that they complement each other pretty well.

I made a room spray by adding a few drops of the lavender oil to an empty bottle:


It’s been a nice pick-me-up for those days when our tiny apartment feels stuffy.

The oils are also good added to a pot of water and simmered. Today I’ve got some of the vanilla oil mixed with the lemon verbena; somehow it smells like buttercream frosting. The bottles don’t come with droppers, so I’ve just been using cut-off lengths of a straw, pinching the end to pick up the liquid and releasing to drop in the oil.

I’m searching for other uses for these oils; do you know of any? I’m thinking of adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to… something… in the bathroom, for a more spa-like atmosphere. Maybe I’ll make a eucalyptus scrub!

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  1. Karen Ibarra says:

    You can add the essential oil (my preference) or fragrance oil to olive oil for use on your skin.Olive oil is great for your skin. I use a little coconut oil with fragrance oil in my hair! That’s what makes nice curls.

    IF the oil is food grade, you can use it in tea, etc. I also have one of those metal rings that I put on my lightbulb. Works great.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I saw something online where you can make your own wall plug-in refills using essential oils. ( And of course, you could add some to candle wax or soaps if you were making those.

    Sometimes I like to just rub essential oils on my wrists pulse points for fun. But you can also use them in your bath.

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