Passing the smell test

I recently invested a few bucks in essential oils from the Fragrance Oil shop on Etsy. I wanted to use them for freshening up rooms, adding a nice scent to the laundry detergent I made, and making sugar scrubs. I ended up getting four different scents (French lavender, brown sugar fig, vanilla and lemon verbena), and find that they complement each other pretty well.

I made a room spray by adding a few drops of the lavender oil to an empty bottle:


It’s been a nice pick-me-up for those days when our tiny apartment feels stuffy.

The oils are also good added to a pot of water and simmered. Today I’ve got some of the vanilla oil mixed with the lemon verbena; somehow it smells like buttercream frosting. The bottles don’t come with droppers, so I’ve just been using cut-off lengths of a straw, pinching the end to pick up the liquid and releasing to drop in the oil.

I’m searching for other uses for these oils; do you know of any? I’m thinking of adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to… something… in the bathroom, for a more spa-like atmosphere. Maybe I’ll make a eucalyptus scrub!


3 thoughts on “Passing the smell test

  1. You can add the essential oil (my preference) or fragrance oil to olive oil for use on your skin.Olive oil is great for your skin. I use a little coconut oil with fragrance oil in my hair! That’s what makes nice curls.

    IF the oil is food grade, you can use it in tea, etc. I also have one of those metal rings that I put on my lightbulb. Works great.

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