Stockpiling with a new recipe

I have a bunch of food-related goals on my list for 2012. So far I’ve been failing on stockpiling food in my freezer. I’m just so tired during the week and that carries over to the weekend. It just doesn’t get done!

Tasha got me hooked on recipes from Budget Bytes. If you haven’t browsed cooked devoured everything on her site yet, YOU MUST. One thing I really love about the recipes is that they’re practical for people who work. She gives recipes for burritos to keep in your freezer. Vegetarian like me? She’s got one for you. (And others, too. With a nifty label.) Lots of the recipes are quick with simple ingredients. Translation: Easy for a weeknight when you’ve got no time to cook.

So when I saw this recipe for Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas, and read that she froze her leftovers, a light went on. It’s easy AND freezable? Weeknight stockpiling, ahoy.

Josh works late, so I eat without him about half the time. I’m sorry, but I am HUNGRY at 6:30 and don’t want to wait until 8. I start cooking and if he’s home, we eat together. Otherwise, the TV is my friend.

This was so easy that I started cooking the one I was going to eat and stuffed the other ones and dumped them in the freezer before it was done. Twelve delicious quesadillas in the freezer to eat later. Josh and I each ate one the first day and one the second day. So, 16 total. I call that a win.


I doubled the recipe. I used packaged taco mix. I used three cans (instead of two) of black beans. I would have used less cheese, though you do need cheese as the glue to hold a quesadilla together. I omitted cilantro because Josh doesn’t like it. I added an extra half cup of corn.

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  1. Tasha says:

    Awesome! I’m pretty sure we’re tackling burritos this weekend for Chris’ lunches.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Josh and I are probably going to do burritos this weekend too. He doesn’t love pork, so I thought I might do a beef roast in the crockpot for him to adapt the Burritos Blanco recipe. Honest, the quesadillas were so easy, I think it helped inspire him to help stockpile!

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