I just do what the internet tells me to.

Pinterest has really given me  a lot of ideas for DIY solutions. Some, like the honey hair mask and the shaving cream mirror defogger, haven’t turned out so well. Others have been much more successful, like the laundry detergent I made. I’ve completed a few more projects inspired by Pinterest:

Prompted by this pin, I used super glue to stick a magnet to the inside of the medicine cabinet door.

It looks a little bit like a spider in the corner of my eye when I open the door, but otherwise, it’s awesome, and clears away clutter. Y’all know how I feel about clutter. I’d almost rather have spiders.

I also made a DIY version of Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray, which gives your hair a beachy look with soft waves. I’m a little curious about how good Epsom salt is for my hair and hair dye, but I will say this: Between my new haircut and this product, my hair is curly. Not wavy — curly like my mom’s hair. And it dried that way after a quick scrunch with this product. I’m so excited to not have to fight with it, clipping and twirling sections and blow-drying, etc.

I whipped up this hearts of palm salad from Kalyn’s Kitchen. You must make it. Hearts of palm (or artichokes), avocado, lime — it’s perfect. Hearts of palm are a bit expensive, but so tasty.

Finishing up projects has also inspired me to take care of the little things about my apartment that have been bugging me.

I’ve always hated the tiny little canister that I used for Splenda. It came with the set I have for flour and sugar, but it’s just so small that it’s useless. I repurposed a glass jar and can now keep at least a week’s worth of sweetener within easy reach. I don’t have to refill it very often, but when I do, I can just use my canning funnel and it’s a lot easier than using a teaspoon and spilling super-sticky Splenda everywhere.

Dear DEA, this is just sweetener for my coffee. Promise.

I also used magnets to stick a sturdy paper bag to the side of our stacked washer/dryer. I don’t have room for a waste basket in there, and now I have a place to put dryer lint, rather than shoving it in my pocket to get gross while I move clean clothes from the dryer to a laundry basket.

Pinterest is, of course, what prompted me to make a magnetic makeup board. That post is coming later this week!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tasha says:

    I hate clutter, but of course, my photos are of the two most cluttered areas in my apartment…

  2. Stephanie says:

    You keep promising this mythical makeup board, but…. I’ll believe it when I read it. I’ve thought of the knock off spray myself. Remember when I used your Bedhead one in HS or college? I could tell that it was mostly saltwater (beachy hair!). That’s pretty awesome and probably much cheaper than purchasing.

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