New polishes

A while back, I ordered a few polishes from At less than $2 each, they were a steal.

From left to right: NYX Super Funk and Frizzy Spots; Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black, Aurora and Catch Me

I love how unusual these colors are. I’ve seen them on some nail blogs, but they’re definitely not available at my local CVS! I had to try out Catch Me first. It’s a pretty good turquoise, so I can put that search to rest. I added Chunky Holo Black to them:

I Photoshopped my feet for you. You're welcome.

I like the holo effect and the flaky glitter, but I do not like the jelly base. It’s a smoky black, and I wish it were clear — it ruined my beautiful blue!

I tried Frizzy Spots over a basic black creme I already had:

I did not Photoshop my cuticles for you; sorry. Just look at the multi-colored sparklies!

It chipped within a day, but that may have been because of my black polish, which does indeed chip very quickly.

My overall verdict? My purchase from beautyjoint was cheaper than CVS, even with shipping, and I definitely got more interesting colors! You certainly get what you pay for when it comes to these polishes and their quality, though.

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