For Valentine’s Day, Chris and I exchanged cards we’d made, and it was very cute, but since we’re not mushy people, I’m not sharing that. What I am showing you are the chocolates that my friend Emily sent me.

I knew she was sending something, because she’d asked some pretty leading questions. I wasn’t expecting this:


Inside was a bubble-wrapped something:

Bubble wrap is a wonderful gift.

And then:

What are you?

Chocolates! Fancy artisanal ones from Napa:

Yes. All mine.

It even came with a cold pack:


And a card:

It reads: Happy Valentine's Day! Aren't these way better than terrifying chocolate bears?!

The bear she threatened me with:

From Moonstruck Chocolates. Wonder why it's no longer for sale?

The chocolates range from passion fruit filling to champagne truffles. She knows my heart. Remember kids, Valentine’s is not for bears!

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