Truman likes YouTube

I’d always heard that cats couldn’t really see TV. And I’d never seen any cat behavior that led me to think otherwise. Until Truman. I’d noticed him looking at our old tube TV when action was fast. Then, about a month ago, I was watching a cat video and he crawled behind me and started watching it.

The same thing happened the other day: I watched a video someone linked to and he came running over to watch, too. And purring. Man was he purring. So I started finding him other videos to watch:


He liked the foxes learning to jump on the trampoline.


But these cats fighting and “talking” captured his attention the most. He kept trying to touch them.

He really only likes to watch cats. Even if they aren’t moving quickly, he’s interested. He doesn’t like dog videos at all — unless they have a cat in them (I think he’s rooting for the cats). And he likes the ones where the cats are making noises.

UPDATE: Tasha wants a video of Truman watching videos. I don’t have that, but I do have this one from Christmas Day when he’s playing with my iPad:


2 thoughts on “Truman likes YouTube

  1. I’ll have to try him on videos of birds. If he’s funny, I’ll take a video!

    I updated this post to include a video Josh took of Truman at Christmas playing with the iPad (at first, it was the only thing I could think of to do with it).

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