Notes from the Department of Fail


There have been a lot of projects going on here at Chez Unemployment, but not all are successful. For example, I tried to defog my bathroom mirror by coating it with a layer of shaving cream, as directed by the internet. You can see how well that worked:

This is *not* an unfogged mirror, people.

I noticed this after I had just shampooed my hair twice to remove the mask I’d just applied. I’ve seen lots of recipes floating around the internets, so I just mixed up some stuff that I know is good for your hair. This time I used honey and coconut oil. Apparently, I used too much honey. It sort of plastered my hair in place and was a pain to remove. Afterward, my hair was very shiny, but apparently there is a bit of an art to creating hair masks. I think I’ll stick to plain oil the next time.

The patio* doors have presented another problem. I don’t know if it’s because of humidity or what, but they were sticking a lot. And by sticking, I mean that it got to the point where I’d have to hold one foot on the passive door while jiggling and  yanking on the other door to wrench it free. As you may imagine, this eventually drove me to madness. So I took a little look-see, and ended up removing the strike plate for the turn lock (don’t worry, it still locks, and we still have the deadbolt as well), and I sanded down the umpteen layers of paint that were rubbing together when the doors passed one another.

There are a lot of, erm, interesting fixes that people have done to this place, and these doors are no exception. When we moved in, there was a gap under the doors where water had leaked in when it rained, so the hardwood floors there are damaged, as is the door itself — in fact, it’s rotted. When we moved in, the rot was just patched over and painted. They couldn’t be replaced because “the doors are a special size and they don’t make them anymore.”

Yeah. I’ve never heard about this trend in door technology either.

Anyway, I tightened down the floating wood strip we had them install to close the gap between the door and the doorframe. What I learned is that we should have had them caulk or in some way fill the gap between the doorframe and the flooring itself, because there was some kind of plant sprouting there.

I don’t have a picture of the sprouts before I ripped them out, but it looked like this:

This isn’t exactly the kind of garden I had imagined.


*What should I be calling it? It’s on the second story, but it’s bigger than a standard balcony.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    I think “deck” is a good word. Or an elevated veranda if we’d like to be fancy?

  2. Tasha says:

    Haha. I’ve been calling it “the veranda” in my head, with a crazy exaggerated southern accent, for a while now. I’m gonna stick with it.

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