January goals check-in

So here we are, at the first of my presumably many goal check-ins:

    • Lose 40 lbs. I’ve had a lot of falafel this month. I’m kind of surprised to see that I’m down five pounds.
    • Crochet a bedspread. According to my math (which is, as we all know, prone to being, um, misguided), I need 320 hexagons. I have… 11. Maybe this really won’t be done until I’m 35.
    • Knit or crochet Make 10 projects. While my intention was to encourage making stuff, I don’t think this needs to be restricted to solely crocheting and knitting. That said, I think I’m going to try to go for at least a row a day. That way, I’m also less likely to lose my place in the pattern.
      • I have one project going already, in addition to that forsaken bedspread.
      • Jen commissioned a baby blanket as well, so I need to get going on that. Again, I reserve the right to make blankets count as more than one project!
    • Do one thing each month that will simplify my life. I have done so many small things that, added up, will make a big change: I made the brush holder I showed you already, I cleaned and organized all the cleansers and plastic bags under the kitchen sink so that nothing bursts forth when you open the door, and I organized my dresser so that nothing bursts forth when you open the door. All clothes that are to be turned into rags or scraps for various projects (rag rug, mobile, etc.) are piled together. It’s also a silly thing, but I ordered a 4-pack of 10-lb. bags of kitty litter from Amazon for $11. My mail carrier certainly won’t thank me, but it’s a lot easier for me while we don’t have a car.
    • Read 25 books this year. Four down already! (Yes, I’m totally counting the two I started in late December and finished in January. Rules, schmules.) So far I’ve read:
  • List my 3/3/3 daily. Going strong with this, and it’s good to be reminded of all that I have to be grateful for.

Mushy goals:

  • Drink more water. The idea that one needs to drink eight glasses of water a day has been fairly thoroughly debunked, so I’m shooting for six, and that seems manageable. I’ve found that for me, the key is to drink it with a straw — for some reason, that makes it much more tolerable. I’ve also been drinking a ton of sugar-free fruit punch and sugar-free lemonade, which isn’t ideal, but it’s a start.
  • Stop drinking soda. I’ve had maybe 8 sodas this month. This is definitely down from when I was working, when I was having 1-2 each day. I’ve been reading up on what diet soda does to your bones, and that’s also motivated me to slow down, I think.
  • Connect with people more. I have done SO WELL with this, y’all. I’ve been emailing both grammas, I had a Skype date with some Chicago folks, and I even talked on the phone with an old roommate.

So, all in all, I give myself a gold star for the mushy goals!

(I made the goal trackers with this site. Hex codes are here if you want to change them.)

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