Month 1: Goals progress

There’s still one day, but I’m not going to accomplish more in January, so I’m going to go ahead and post this. Here’s how I’m faring on my 2012 goals.

Complete five (big) home projects.

0 / 5

I’ve got 12 months. I don’t have to rush into it. I have decided one of my chairs (the easy one) will be covered in a leather-like vinyl. I’ve been looking up the fabric online, which seems like it has the best deals. I need a total of seven yards for the project, and I’d like to pay under $10/yard. I’ve found some good deals on Amazon, but I’m not sure what color I want. What color do I want, people? I’m thinking perhaps a mustard yellow. Or a white. Sigh. My indecision is holding me up.

My other chair is going to be a velvet, with perhaps a patterned back. I’m waiting for one color decision before I move onto another.


I don’t really know how to track this one. I had a bin sitting in my garage for about five months. I assembled it and put it in my backyard. I’ve put waste in it. Am I done? Is this ongoing? I don’t know.


I really need to get started on this. The problem is that it’s going to be annoying and I have trouble starting annoying things. First, I need to kill all the grass and weeds pretending to be grass in my backyard. Then, I’m going to plot out the garden. I’ve already got a good idea of where I’m going to put things (I think). Right now I’m thinking two beds, one by the house where it’ll be protected from the blistering summer heat, and one by the wall.

I saved my newspaper to make seed pots, so I’m going to get started folding them this week.

Read 75 books.

Oh, books. I find it so hard to get into them lately. I didn’t finish my book club book in time for our meeting, but whatevs. The club isn’t that structured. (I finished it a few days after.) I finished a book I’d borrowed for my Kindle, and I’m in progress on two others (one I’m listening to in my car and really don’t like it).

2 / 75 (2.67%)

Lose 10 pounds.

I’m getting a real slow start on this one. Also when I wrote the goal, I neglected to mention I’d already lost 6 pounds (I topped out at 151 right before New Year’s). I think the strict diet during that time — plus birthday cake for Josh’s day! — and a couple courses of antibiotics plateaued me for January. Seriously, I’ll try harder in February. Promise.

1 / 10

Crochet five projects.

I decided to make crochet-topped tea towels my first of these projects. I cut apart the towels and sewed the top. Now, I need to put in a foundation row of stitches, and I can move it along.

0 / 5

Make two new recipes each month.

I made quinoa patties from Epicurious. Find the recipe here. I highly recommend them. So yummy.

I also used this tutorial from Smitten Kitchen to poach eggs. It’s not technically a recipe, but considering poached eggs are my favorite and I generally only eat them at restaurants because I have to do them in the cups (and I hate that), I’m counting it. It’s also a skill I needed to nail for a recipe I’m hoping to try for February!

2 / 24 (8.33%)

Teach Josh to cook.

Josh cooked twice in January. He assisted twice. So I think we’re on our way. I think his limitations are that he’s not a creative cook. He can make what you specifically tell him, but he can’t come up with ideas on his own. He made scrambled eggs and bacon one night for dinner and tacos another. Whatever; I didn’t have to cook.

Stockpile food.

I haven’t made any progress on this. It’s a bit depressing. I do, however, have a few soup kits in the cupboard that I really should cook because they’re approaching expiration, so I’m planning to cook them on days/nights I’m home and then bag and freeze them. Soup is a really easy defrost meal.

Use my pantry.

One of the new recipes I made this month, the quinoa burgers, used quinoa I already had. So, success. I really need to get on cooking some couscous dishes.

Organize my clothes.

Soooooo much progress in January on this. I hung up/folded/put in a hamper all the clothing I had piled on my dresser. I got rid of said dresser. Josh and I demo’d a vanity that I’ve been wanting to take out the whole time we’ve lived here. We bought new dressers to fit in that space. I organized my sweaters. I moved clothes to the auxiliary closet. I reorganized my closet. I bought more hangers. I have a couple of straggling tasks, but this is pretty much done. I think I’ll revisit in April to assess whether I’m staying organized.

Make clothes.

I made a shirt. Or refashioned a shirt. Whatever you’d like to call it.

However, I’ve also pledged to only spend $500 this year. This will probably be the toughest one for me. Like, I found a receipt of something I bought Jan. 1 (granted, that was before I set this goal) that I didn’t even remember buying. It’s the only piece of clothing I’ve bought so far.

27 / 500 (5.40%)

Do one thing each month that will simplify my life.

1 / 1

I took my label maker and reorganized my linen closet — with labels! — so Josh puts away all the things in the right places. Who knows what it’s going to be like in six months, but hopefully it’s not the disaster I just fixed.

Limit social commitments to two each week.

Done and done! I’ve had things I wasn’t too excited about this month, but most weeks it’s been two commitments including yoga. (One week, it was two besides yoga, and I feel like that’s a bit much.) I like this one.

Send birthday cards.

I realized an impediment to this is the lack of addresses. I haven’t missed any birthdays yet, but I need to make sure I’ve got addresses so that I don’t.

(You’ll see when Tasha posts tomorrow that I stole the idea for using this website to create my progress bars from her. I steal ideas from Tasha lots.)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tasha says:

    You’ve made so much progress! I’m intrigued by the idea of a mustard-colored chair. What’s the rest of the room look like? Take pictures and make a post!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Well, I do really owe a post of the room, anyway. My mirror’s hanging in there and my coffee table is painted green — both things I need to write posts about. I’m neglectful. But you’re right: A photo of the room would help you and your mom assist in a decision.

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