A home for my makeup brushes

I’ve been taking a lot of baby steps toward organizing my desk/vanity, but it’s taken a long time. I’ve painted the desk and hung a mirror over it in my bedroom, and I’ve also made a magnetic organizer to hold much of my makeup (well, two, really — more on that in a later post).

The makeup organizer doesn’t hold everything, though — I still need a home for my brushes, pencils and tubes o’ stuff. For my makeup brushes, I had originally thought I would use an upended brush, like this one I found on Pinterest:

From Fitzsu

The problem is, that brush is $60. Yeah. I’d probably go with this one:

$5.89 with free shipping via Amazon Prime.

But since we’re on a budget here at Chez Unemployment, I decided to use what I had on hand. What I have on hand is a lot of glass jars that would otherwise go in the recycling bin. So I had a container. Then I needed something that would prop up the brushes. I initially thought I’d use the flat glass marbles I bought to make magnets, but they were nowhere to be found. After considering coffee beans (too expensive) and potting soil (too dirty), I ended up using dried pinto beans.

I even cleaned my brushes for y'all.

My next steps are to figure out what to do with all my eye pencils. Right now, they’re rolling around in the lid from the awesome mini-mascara set Steph got me for my birthday (I’m still on the first one. Tiny mascaras are totally the way to go for me!)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    Is this your “make life simpler” for January? Cause it totally does. I put my brushes in my unused toothbrush holder and it’s been magical.

  2. Tasha says:

    Yep! While I still like the brush idea, I’m liking this arrangement so far. I’ve been presently surprised that the beans pretty much stay put — I was expecting them to fly out every so often.

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