Marbling nails


Marbling nails is SO hard! This was at least my seventh attempt at it. I followed a tutorial on YouTube (really, they’re about all the same, so if you want to try it, I’d just pick one of those.)

Lessons I learned: The water in your cup needs to be warm. Room temperature AT LEAST. If it’s colder than than, the color won’t float on top, and this won’t work at all. Not at all.

Be prepared to clean up a lot around your cuticles. It’s going to be messy. Really messy. It won’t look good at all until you remove all the nail polish from the skin around your nail. You can put cuticle oil around your nail to help make this process easier, but make sure you don’t get any on your nail or the polish won’t stick.

Honest, this seemed like more trouble than it was worth. But if you’ve got plenty of free time and don’t mind something that’s taking you FOREVER to be so temporary, do it!

(I only did this one nail and just painted the rest a color. A nail tech who was in the office for a photo shoot commented that I’d chosen my colors poorly, so apparently tan and pinks aren’t her idea of complementary colors.)

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  1. Tasha says:

    Don’t you love unsolicited opinions? *I* like it.

    Have you tried dry marbling? You swirl the polish in a thin layer on a plastic baggy and let it dry, then peel off the dry pieces and cut them to shape. I think you use base coat to get them to stick.

    Actually, that sounds like a lot of work, too.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Isn’t all nail art a lot of work, really? It just depends how much time you’re willing to spend. I actually think marbling with soak-off gels might be the easiest. Paint it on, drag a brush through it, cure it and call it a day. Since I have soak off gels, perhaps I will try that. At some point. In the future.

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