Tasha set her goals and then pushed me a bit to do the same. I generally have a running list in my head of things I need/want to accomplish at any given time. When Tasha posted her list, I’d be lying if I typed that I didn’t think, “What would be on my list?” That actually made this list not as hard to do. After I finished typing all these things out, I realized that it’s quite a long list. So, maybe I won’t get to them all. But maybe I will. I’m not about self hate, so I’m not going to berate myself if there are some that just don’t happen.

  1. Complete five (big) home projects. I’ve got some doozies on my list to finish, like reupholstering a couple of chairs, stenciling my hallway, etc. I really have more than five to complete this year, but five’s good. They don’t even necessarily need to be ones already on my list.
  2. Compost. I’ve got a bin. It’s time to set it up and start this. I’d rather not have my vegetable leavings end up in a landfill.
  3. Garden. I’m picky about food. I don’t mean “there are foods I won’t eat,” but more “I want to know what’s happened to it before I’m putting it in my mouth.” If I grow it, there aren’t questions. And so, I shall grow it this year. I’m going to plot the garden in an area where there are sprinkles so I don’t have to remember to water it.
  4. Read 75 books. The past few years, I’ve set the goal of 100. I’ve really got to push myself to get to 100 (never made it yet). However, left to my own devices, I tend to naturally read around 60 without forcing myself. I decided to dial back on this goal and aim for 75. It’s totally achievable, but much more within reach and in-line with how busy my life has been the past year or so.
  5. Lose 10 pounds. Losing 10 pounds would make me 135 pounds. I’ve actually weighed a little less than that most of my adult life, but my metabolism has been slowing and I’m tired of not eating Dean’s French Onion Dip and potato chips when I feel like it.
  6. Crochet five projects. I’ve mostly given up on knitting. I’m better at crocheting because I’ve been doing it longer, and I seem to gravitate toward crochet accessories more than knit. (Though there are some knit things I lust after.) I’d like one of these projects to be a hat and one to be a shawl, but obviously I’m open. I also probably have enough yarn to complete these things, so I’m going to try not to buy any until I’ve reached this goal. (Unless I buy it for someone else, like my mom.)
  7. Make two new recipes each month. I tend to eat the same things over and over again. But my favorite thing is when I love a new recipe so much that it gets incorporated into the cycle. I want more variety in the food I’m making, so… yup. I think aiming for two new recipes a month isn’t hard (24 in a year!), but it will hopefully spark my cooking creativity a little.
  8. Teach Josh to cook. I don’t have lofty goals with this one. He and I have gone from really basic to moderate in our 6.5 years together. I’d like this, our fifth year of marriage, to be the one where I can teach him the standby recipes, so that when there are nights I don’t feel like making dinner, someone’s there to pick up the slack.
  9. Stockpile food. I want to make soups and breads and, and EVERYTHING and store it in my freezer, just waiting for me to be lazy and need an easy meal. I’m thinking things I regularly eat: pita bread, english muffins, bagels?, flour tortillas, chili, vegetable soup, tortilla soup, etc.
  10. Use my pantry. It seems completely contradictory to the goal above, but I tend to overbuy goods to put in my pantry. Lentils, dried peas, beans, pastas, grains. I want to start cooking more out of this part of my kitchen, perhaps even to the goal of adding to the stockpiling goal. It’s one thing to have a box of quinoa in the cupboard. It’s another thing to have three boxes of quinoa in the cupboard (yes, I’ve been there). These things DO eventually go bad. And so, I must cook them.
  11. Organize my clothes. I’m well on my way with this because Josh and I demo’d a vanity that I was basically just using to pile clothes. Replaced with dressers, the area SHOULD  help me get a bit more organized. I’m actually planning on hanging/folding/putting away clothes tonight.
  12. Make clothes. New sewing machine, ahoy! Honest, I find it impossible to find clothing I love anymore. There’s just “this is OK, so I’ll buy it.” I have oh so many Burda patterns after getting the magazine for a year, not to mention the patterns I already owned. Add that and refashioning other clothes and that’s my goal. I’d like to spend no more than $20/month on clothes ($240 total). Even typing that, it seems a bit low. Let’s say $500 for the year, or $41.66/month. While I’m going to count second-hand clothes bought to refashion in that total, I’m not going to count fabric bought to make clothes into that total. However, I’m not allowed to buy fabric unless I know what project I’m going to use it for. No “it’s pretty, I’m getting it!”
  13. Do one thing each month that will simplify my life. I’m copying this one from Tasha because it’s such a good one. For me, it’ll be things like make a big batch of something, hire a maid, set up more bills to auto-pay, etc.
  14. Limit social commitments to two each week. I’m overcommited SO OFTEN, and my well being (sleep, relaxing, cleaning, exercising, etc.) is the sacrifice. This year, I’m only going to do two outings each week. I’m not counting weekly yoga in this mix, but I’m giving myself the option to if I need to.
  15. Send birthday cards. This is also similar to one of Tasha’s. I’m terrible at anything having to do with the U.S. mail. Last year, I bought a stockpile of cards: birthday, engagement, new house, new baby, etc., thinking that the ease of signing my name and dropping it in an envelope with a stamp and putting it in my box on the way out the door would be encouraging. Nope. Nope. Nope. So, yes. I would like to remember to send birthday cards across the country to my friends and family well in advance of their special days.

There are other accomplishments I’d like to work toward this year: Get my hair cut regularly, fix my hair color, paint my nails (or at least take care of them!) like I still work at a nail magazine, finish decorating my house, organize things a bit better, shred paper I don’t need.

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