30’s a-coming

I’ll be 30 on March 3. Tasha will be 30 on Dec. 4. We’ll have been friends for half our lives and best friends for almost that whole time.

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that people often have lists of activities they want to accomplish before they turn 30. I was looking for suggestions. One of our friends from high school recommended inventing a time machine to keep from turning 30. (Aside: I don’t have the scientific knowledge to even begin to comprehend how to do that.) Another friend told me not to dread 30 and to plan fun things to do when I’m 30. My sister-in-law told me to buy a Prius (She and my brother have one. My parents have one.)

I turned to the internets today to find list suggestions, but many of them were ridiculous. Hold a tarantula? Dumb. (Also, Tasha’s sister made me hold hers about 15 years ago. Check.) Bungee jump? Not interested. Alphabetize your CDs? Um, I have OCD tendencies and already do this. Tasha and I were chatting online and I typed, “There isn’t much I’ve wished I’d done that I haven’t.” No. 1, that’s a powerful statement. I really like my life. No. 2, Tasha feels the same. We bitch and moan to each other about our significant others and jobs, but we’re not living a life of regrets. This makes me happy for us. So I type, “I just thought there might be something interesting to mark the milestone, you know? But really the only thing I’d like to do is be able to do a handstand by then.”

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And so, you’ll be able to see if I reach my only goal for being 30. It’s probably only been about 10 years since I could do a handstand. I’m already able to do one against the wall. My main problem is lack of upper body strength. I’ll post pictures. You’ll be amazed.

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