The first fall I was back in Atlanta, I obviously had a lot of time on my hands, so I baked a lot. (Fall 2010 was a blur of work events.) Even though I didn’t make a post, I was clearly thinking about the blog, because I found these photos of the gingerbread I made to celebrate the cooler weather.

I used 101 Cookbooks’ Black Sticky Gingerbread Recipe, and it is amazing. It is indeed sticky, but it’s also delicious. I ended up having too much batter, so I baked a mini pan as well. The batter is also very liquidy, so pour it into the dish either near the stove or on the rack itself. I also may have had some spillageoverflow from the pan as the bread baked, so I’d put foil on the floor of your oven, or put the dish on a tray.

It’s worth it though, because it basically turns out to be a pan of fall, with a dense, crumbly texture.

The top will collapse a bit as it cools. Also, food photography is difficult. Yours won't be as green as these photos make it seem. Honest!

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  1. Karen Ibarra says:

    Yummy! How has so much time gone by since I last made gingerbread?

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