Completed: Painted mushrooms

Tasha gave me a photo as a house warming present:

The mushroom looks like a rose… do you see it? She sells her photos–many of which are nature–on Artfire, among other places. I chose this picture out of the many available. I don’t know why. Something just drew me to it.

That small act along with my love of nature photos, pressings and the like led me to ask another friend for a picture of a mushroom she took. Add in seeing an article in Cosmo about picture groupings on walls, and the inspiration for a mushroom wall grouping was born. (Don’t judge. I don’t typically read Cosmo… I have to read it for work.)

I didn’t want it to be all photos though, so I started searching for other options. Perhaps a plate? Perhaps a cross-stitch hoop? One day when I was at Michael’s looking at clearance cross-stitch kits and generally wandering around, I came across these tree sections:

They looked like the perfect canvas for painted, whimsical mushroom scenes. So, I bought them along with some paints and went home to do a Google image search. I decided on two images.

(Mushroom images found at SunshowerStudio Etsy shop. I should note that I don’t advocate stealing other people’s work and especially not for monetary gain.)

I printed the pictures out and traced over them with a ballpoint pen to create lines on the tree section.

Then, I painted to my little heart’s content, mixing colors to make just the hues I wanted. I installed picture hooks to the back and then we were all done!

(I took these on my phone, so I can’t get the green one to rotate.) I’m obviously not the greatest artist ever, but I like the way these turned out. I wanted them to be kind of “amateur” and totally accomplished that. I really think if I hadn’t put the leaves in the picture I would be happier with the pictures. But I’m still happy.

I still need two more photos of mushrooms. Plus, a mushroom plate. And then, my mushroom wall will be complete!

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  1. Tasha says:

    Nice! You’re so productive!

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