Children’s owl masks

Shopping at Michael’s one Saturday morning, I found these masks:

Owl masks

For $1 and a little painting time, I could make cute, fun playthings for my niece and nephew (currently 3 and almost 1, respectively). I couldn’t resist! Frog masks, pinwheels and wands are just a few of the other objects available.

My niece is very, very girly. For her 3rd birthday in February, I sent a tutu to her in Ohio, and I’ve seen it crop up in tons of pictures my sister-in-law has posted on Facebook. To be honest, I’m a little worried about her love affair with pink EVERYTHING, so I’ve been trying to branch out a bit, but still give her presents in colors she’d like. The tutu is purple, so I decided to paint her owl purple, too.

Purple owl maskBlue owl mask

I used four colors of purple acrylic craft paint (available at any craft store, priced about $1 each), and silver for the beak and around the eyes of my niece’s owl (on the left). Three colors of blue paint decorate my nephew’s owl mask. (If you notice, on my nephew’s mask the feet are also silver. I like that look better.)

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