Completed Project: The table

Project completed!

The backstory: I’ve had this table since 2007, when I moved to LA. After painting it white last year, I bought chairs that didn’t match. (In my defense, I bought the chairs online. I wasn’t sure if they were white or…. not. They’re not.)

This photo is what the table looked like when I was in the process of making it white. I stupidly didn’t take an “after” picture of that, which also would have served as a “before” picture for this re-project.

First, Josh and I used a chemical stripper to remove as much paint and finish as possible. We were lucky because I’d actually left the original finish intact and just primed and painted over it when I’d first made the table white. Chemical stripper only gets you so far, though, and after that, you’re on your own with sandpaper. And oh, the months of sanding. Finally, the table was ready:

I chose a stain called “red mahogany” to try to make the reddish color of the chair legs.

Two coats of stain and four coats of polyurethane finish later, we moved the table into the house to see how the chairs would look with it in the room. *Fingers crossed!*

Ta-da! The stain matched sooooooo well, and I was really pleased with the results. Pardon my still-unfinished room. I did have a white dresser on the far wall, but after the table remodel, I decided to move it to another place in the room. The mosaic mirror (which is next on my list…. I did some work on it today) will go on that big, blank wall. I also am in the process of hanging curtains and picking some other furniture. (For those interested, the chairs are from Target.)

My complete list of projects can be viewed here.

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  1. Tasha says:

    Looks good! I know you’re so glad to be done with that project.

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