Dining with chairs

Two days ago, Josh and I had a quick discussion during a video chat about this chair:










You might not remember, but last time you were here, we had folding chairs as our dining chairs. Guess what? That’s still what’s going on. And now, people are coming over for Thanksgiving. So, I sent Josh the link to this chair. It was half price ($69.99) and we both like the style. I bought four of them and they’re on their way here. I’m very nervous about how they’ll look in that room (it’s the one that’s painted that dark purple/maroon color… I can’t find an example of it online anymore), and I’m concerned how they’re going to look with a white table.

They’re on there way. I’ll take a finished picture and post it once they’re here. However, if I like them and I think they look bad with the table, it might be back to the garage with it for a fresh coat of a new color. Also, I’m pretty sure that this is the original chair of our table. I’ve been looking for months for chairs to re-do for this, and have come up with nothing. There’s nothing good on Craigslist, nothing in the thrift shops when I go, nothing good on the side of the road. It’s like LA’s thrown out all the chairs of character. I have one in my backyard that Josh is completely against… but it just occured to me to re-do it for my craft room chair. Yes!

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