I made this!

When we moved in, I wanted curtains for our family room. We have two windows–a huge picture window Josh wants to leave unobstructed and a normal window that overlooks our backyard. You know me: I’m a bit picky (understatement of the year). So, I decided to make the curtains for this room and roman shades for our bedroom.

Side note: I’ve made no progress on the roman shades except accumulating the needed materials and researching how to do it.

So, after months, I finally figured out how to wind a bobbin on my sewing machine, thread the thing and undertook the simple task of curtains.

I used fabric from IKEA. First, I hemmed the sides, then the top and bottom. I installed the curtain rod and done! It took me months from start to finish (I bought the fabric in April), but actual work time was about 1.5 hours.

Now I have to make the roman shades. I picked this fabric for them. Yes, I love IKEA fabric. Mostly because it’s hard to find bold, graphic prints in a high-quality fabric a lot of places. And if you do, the price is about double IKEA’s.

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