Nails are taking over my life

For those of you reading this who don’t know the rollercoaster my life’s been since January, here’s a quick story:

I heard our offer on our house was approved about three weeks into the new year, which meant a flurry of packing, work on the new house, moving and unpacking. I’m still not unpacked. That’s all on top of me doing the work of two people at the magazine I worked at (that started before the whole looking for a house thing went down). So… you can imagine. Then, in April, Reed Business Information closed the magazine I was working at. Relief, worry and a bunch of other emotions mingled for me. Josh’s dad was sick, and we went to Ohio for weeks. In June, I went back to Ohio with a side trip to Minnesota. The beginning of July, I started a new job at a trade magazine for nail technicians.

You’re caught up. I’ve been at the mag almost a month and have probably painted my nails more during these weeks than in the previous five years combined. I’m not huge on polish. I’ve thought more about nails during these weeks than probably the rest of my life (except freshman year of HS when I painted my nails every single day).

Now, this:

Why, yes. I’m glad you asked. Those *are* rhinestones attached to my nails. I found them in a drawer in my office. My coworker said to just throw all that stuff away, but I hate waste, especially when it’s something someone might want. And that’s how I ended up as the most girly I think I’ve ever been.

All I need now is a cheetah-print Snuggie for the days my office is cold. Then I’d officially be off my rocker.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tasha says:

    Oh Lawd. Rhinestones? You definitely need cheetah-print things.

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