Knitting update

I finished the shawl I mentioned in this post. Here’s the whole thing:

Not a square!

I started this in April or May of this year, and for a while, it was a slog. It took me a long time to learn the pattern repeats, and I had to count the stitches after every row to make sure I was on track. I also had to rip back a lot, because I wanted this to be made correctly, without fudged “fixes” for mistakes I made. I think it was worth the effort, though.



Why hello, lens flare.


It’s really pretty, and I’m amazed at the difference blocking made — it went from lumpy and bumpy (and looking pretty awful) to flat and smooth. The lace really opened up, though I wasn’t able to block it as severely as I would have liked because I was afraid of breaking the yarn. I think I should give it another try, though, because the lace is reverting to its previous lumpy state.


I used a skein of Cascade Sierra, a cotton/wool yarn that I had left over from making a Clapotis for Mom last year. I am really glad to be done with the yarn, because it splits, and the cotton hurts my hands because it has no bounce. I need to make a project that uses 100% wool, so that I can work with a yarn that have some stretch.

The baby kimono I mentioned in the previous post is almost finished. All the pieces are knitted, but I have to seam them together, and crochet an edging and ties, then block it. I cannot express to you how bad my seaming is, and I hate doing it. These two things seem to feed one another…

Ok, one more scarf photo.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mama K says:

    That is beautiful!

    And thanks again for my clopatis. I didnt know the French story behind it. Je suis belle. Sorry it hurt your fingers. I stopped writing to go put it on. Seriously, I did.

    I love it.

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