The black herd

I found out a couple days ago that there’s a problem with having only black cats: When the power goes out, you can’t see them in the shadows. You can only hear them. And it’s a little scary, especially when one is known to attack.

Tuesday, LA had high winds — at one point, someone told me they were 40 mph — which knocked out lines (and power) all over the city because it’s just not built to sustain it. I was at a restaurant with May that still was serving, despite there being no power. The ambiance was great! But when I got home, the kitties were hiding in the shadows and hard to see. And racing each other all over the apartment.

Yesterday, with the power back on and the sun shining, visibility was much better:

Ash still is a little hard to see, but I blame the camera phone and not the lighting for that.


Private message to Tasha’s mommy: Hi Mama K! You’re not the halfway point between us, but I’m going to pretend you are. Mostly because Ohio is the only place we’re guaranteed to meet up!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mama K says:

    Hi Steph!
    I’m considering: Mama K’s Halfway House…
    Has a certain ring.

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