Onion Tart

I’ve been making this onion tart recipe a lot recently. It’s super simple to make, and lends itself to a lot of adaptations. This time, I added some chopped mushrooms to the onions and caramelized them as well, which gave the tart a nice (fake) meatiness.


I don’t measure anything for this, after making it the first time — it’s basically scrambled eggs baked in a pan — and I just throw in whatever leftover veggies or meat that I think would be good. I’ve used asparagus, summer squash, peppers, etc. It’s always good; might be b/c of the cheese on top.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    I applaud your cooking! I’m not cooking much of anything lately — though I need to make a lasagna to freeze and some more French bread so that we have some quick meals. I was also thinking about cooking soup and freezing it! I might try this tarte, though. It looks pretty simple!

  2. Mama K says:

    Looks like you skipped the crust. I would the crust looks lke a bother. Looks yummy.

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