Pumpkin carving

On Sunday, Chris and I carved our pumpkin. We didn’t get one from the pumpkin patch, but from Your Dekalb Farmers Market, a huge grocery store near us that apparently doesn’t approve of using apostrophes. The place is at least the size of a Meijer, and it has everything from a cheese counter to a bakery to a deli to produce to canned goods. The meat there is expensive, but the produce is ridiculously cheap — I bought a container of sage there for 39 cents.

There are no pictures of the pumpkin carving, which is good because I was wearing pajamas and was also coloring my hair. We don’t have a kitchen table, so I threw down some newspaper on the kitchen floor. I was in charge of scooping and seed extraction, while Chris did most of the cutting, since he likes to play with knives. I did the final clean-up of the cutting, though, because Chris was getting exasperated with it:

Him: “Why did you pick an ‘advanced’ pattern?”
Me: “Uh… I like it?”

Clearly we have different approaches here. I think it turned out pretty well, and I learned a bit about trying to photograph things in the dark. I’m not happy with the way saving the images for the web messed with the color, but you get the idea.




Oh, and say hi to Mama K! I sent her the link a little while ago.

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