Anxiety and eagerness

First, I have to write that the grammarian in me hates when people say and write anxious when they really mean eager. They’re not interchangeable, people! Anxiety has a nervous element to it.

And now, after that PSA, I’m feeling both emotions about this:

Sunday, Josh and I toured 13 houses. And if you ever have to view 13 houses with Chris (or 13 apartments, or 13 stores), you will be picking up what I’m putting down.

We put in five offers on Monday. Oh, yes. Five. That makes a total of eight so far. One of our previous offers (a short sale) was submitted to the bank for approval. Which means it’s probably ours if we want it. Two other houses countered, but it’s likely would could get them. The house above also is a short sale and submitting our offer to the bank. And it’s the one we want. And it’s likely that we’ll get it. It’s making me feel a lot of anxiety — four hours of sleep last night! — and a lot of eagerness.

It’s a big house: three bedrooms (one’s a master suite), 1 3/4 baths, a living room, a family room, a dining area, a large kitchen, detached two-car garage, patio, backyard.  It’s 1,700 sq. ft., which is one of the largest we’ve seen. I might never move again. Short sales can take up to three months. Let’s cross our fingers and hope everything goes smoothly and this house is mine before the end of January.

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  1. Tasha says:

    Nice! Having space is good, especially since y’all plan on having childrens. Thank you for the update — I kind of hate to ask how it’s going, since it does seem like a stressful process. 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Childrens are (luckily) still awhile off, though I can’t tell you how many times we’re like, “Well, this room will have to be the den/exercise room because it’s farther away from our bedroom. The closer one’s for the Baby.” And, yes, Baby with a capital B. Cause it’s weirdly important.

    Update on the houses: We’re going to have a make a decision real soon that’s a bit of a nailbiter. The house in this post and another house have submitted our offers to the bank for approval (they’re both short sales). The nerve wracking thing is that Runnymeade (the house above) is the one I think we’d prefer, but it will take at least two to four months and we aren’t guaranteed to get it. The other house, Cantlay, needs a little more work, is a little cheaper and the bank’s going to approve us and wants to have an escrow close in 30 days after approval. They’re both nice. We’re looking at them both again this weekend to make a decision.

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