I bought myself these gerbera daisies last week. It’s ridiculous, but I felt guilty spending the $3.30 on them at first. But when I got home, I split the bunch among three vases (ok, two vases and an empty wine bottle, but work with me here), and put them throughout the apartment. Little things make me happy.

$3 isn't bad for something that makes me smile when I see it.

They didn’t last terribly long, and they were a little beat up, but I loved their deep red color, so I brought them home anyway. The vases I used are from Ikea, and I bought them when I moved into my first Chicago apartment. I don’t think I’ve used them for fresh flowers before. The roommates did use them for dried flowers and for flowers made from elephant poo paper. Yes, you read that correctly. He got them from his boyfriend. So romantic.

Hello, vase. Perhaps I will keep you filled with flowers more often.
Hello, vase. Perhaps I will keep you filled with flowers more often.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I also feel the need for fresh flowers lots and then the guilt of buying them (you know, cause they wilt). BUT I agree that $3 is a small price to pay for something that makes you happy!

  2. Mama K says:

    You both should have flowers. Definitely. I’ve learned $3 flowers are worth it! Life is too short to be sad or angry for very long.
    Mind you, any emotion is valid. The way you feel is the way you feel. But there comes a time when you have to move on and not hang on to anger or sadness or the like. And if flowers help to pick you up, then you should have them.

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