Rain… and flu?

Today was the second day of almost solid rain in Los Angeles. I think that makes about day 33 of rain this year! So, what about 2 more days and we’ve reached our quota, yes?

Here’s a photo:

It has raindrops on it! I even saw puddles today. People were driving like crazies. And the only place I went today? Urgent care. I have flu-like symptoms, and I got the doctor I hate. They’re evidently not testing people for the flu to confirm whether or not they have it and only giving antiviral meds to those who are “tiny, old, pregnant or severe.” Whatevs. She told me to rest and drink fluids and gave me a flier about how to tell whether you have a cold or the flu. Shut up! I know I don’t have a cold, bitch! I recycled it as soon as I got home.

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