New home?

Today, I toured seven homes. I liked the first two a lot, but mostly this one:

It’s what’s known as a California bungalow, which is what came after Craftsman out here. You can see a bit of the influence. Super cute with a really large backyard and a mature orange tree. The inside pics are on my photobucket account. So I’m making offers tomorrow morning for those two homes and then we’ll just cross our fingers!

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  1. Tasha says:

    This one is cute! The two new houses in your photobucket (houses 8 and 9) don’t look at all like the other CA homes you’ve shown me. This one actually reminds me of your parents’ house, with the grey siding, red shutters, and porch. The yard and the bathroom, however, remind me of GA — I saw that tiling style in pretty much all of the houses/apartments we looked at. I like this house a lot. I vote for this one, not house 8.

    I read this blog and love it: She does a *ton* of diy renovations on her home. Your aesthetic and hers are not quite the same, but if you plan to renovate, she offers a lot of tips and cheerleading.

  2. Stephanie says:

    This one IS cute! I’m in the middle of putting offers in on houses 8 and 9 currently. But I like this one better than house 8, too. I’d be happy with either, though.

    BUT house 8 has lots and lots of space — it’s three bedrooms and two baths with original hardwood floors, a remodeled kitchen and one remodeled bathroom. It doesn’t come with appliances, which is a bummer, but I see a lot of potential cuteness.

    House 9 is basically done… unless we want to remodel the kitchen and the bathroom, which we might at some point. It’s a little bit smaller — two bedrooms, one bath — but it makes up for it with the largest yard EVER. So we’ll see what the offers bring us.

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