(I’ve never really appreciated blog post titles before. Mine are really lame.)

So, as I’ve been updating my Etsy shop, I’m realizing that I have tons of photos of leaves. Here’s the newest one for you. I took this on a bright, clear early fall day when the temps were in the mid-70s, so it was sort of jarring to see these on the ground.

Mmm. Contrasty.
Mmm. Contrasty.

The leaves here have been turning for some time. Shortly after we moved in, it seemed like one species of tree was starting to turn, but now it looks like they’re all getting in on the game. Most of the leaves are still on the trees, though these guys were likely knocked down from all the rainstorms we had recently. In the first few days after the storms, a lot of the leaves on the ground had molded from their time underwater. I didn’t dig around too much to inspect these; Georgia has too many creepy crawly things that dull my curiosity. 🙂

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