I spent some time on Sunday working on a book layout for CTS. I’ve taken to working at Chris’ desk because his actually has enough room for me to spread out the hard copies I’m referencing. It’s nice sometimes to hit that groove where you’re getting things done and there’s coffee and it’s just a good morning.

There was car stuff to deal with (details in a future post), and conversations about going to T-Mobile to get Chris a new phone, as his is from his previous job. It somehow hasn’t been cut off yet, but we know it’s coming. But for that time, it was just calm and productive.

Mug I snagged from CTS (there was a pile of giveaway items from one of the building's former days as a dorm), and a hat I got for Chris.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I think I remember the discussion about getting this hat! Coolest ever. I saw it and went, “Josh would luuuuuurve that!” But, he’s already got a similar tee and I don’t dig the bball hat look. Yes, I’m that girl.

  2. Tasha says:

    I hear you on the hats. Chris doesn’t actually wear it, but I’m not too offended. I think he wants to take it to his office at work, where it will garner him nerd cache.

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