Look, ma! I accomplish things.

I have gone to LACMA. This is correct. I am no longer lazy. And Josh went.

This past weekend was the weekend where having a Bank of America card gets you into a bunch of places for free (depending on where you are… there’s not a lot of options in LA). LACMA is one of these places. We also found a spot on the street. The Mills family saved $31 on parking and admission.

I wanted to take a picture of this balloon dog, but you’ll have to settle for the museum’s. They wouldn’t let me take this picture.


There’s a pretty healthy collection of Picasso paintings, including cubism and the blue period. I didn’t see any from the rose period. Some dada, which was funny, and some famous furniture/chairs, like the Red-Blue Chair. Also, a couple Miros, who was the artist I studied in McTAG in sixth grade. I liked it. I’ll probably go another time.


2 thoughts on “Look, ma! I accomplish things.

  1. I wish I had known about the BoA thing! There are a few Atlanta things on the list:

    – ATL History Center
    – Fernbank Museum of Science and Natural History
    – ATL Botanical Garden
    – The Zoo
    – High Museum of Art

    That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know about this. Did you both need BoA cards?

  2. Yes, we both needed cards. But you never know… they might let you breeze through. And if they don’t, it’s still half price.

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