Of pie and jobs.

So Chris started his new job on Monday, and to celebrate/soothe the pain of getting up early and actually wearing pants again, I made him pumpkin pie. I can’t eat any of it right now, since I’m (sort of) doing Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet again, which means I can eat pretty much eggs and meat and salad. Blegh. That part is pretty difficult, this time around. I’m sure it was the last time as well, but that was three years ago. I weigh myself every few days to track my progress, but I haven’t seen any change until two days ago, when suddenly I had lost six pounds. I think my scale is crazy.

What was I talking about? Oh yes. Pumpkin pie. Behold:


I’m digging this being-forced-to-take-more-photos thing, I think… We’ll see how it goes once I have a job.

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